Who does Joe "Torturing Liberals" Lieberman think he is, anyway? And exactly who does he think he is supposed to be representing in the Senate? …i.e., when he’s not campaigning for the "opposition" party’s presidential candidate?


According to Lieberman’s behavior in the Senate, only the health [sic] insurance industry merits his representation. And its shareholders on Wall Street. Certainly he does not feel beholden to any ordinary Americans with mortgages or rent to pay, who must choose between paying for health care or paying for shelter, clothing, food and fuel. Clearly, he feels his vested interests "lie" with his corporate sponsors. [Is vampirical too strong an adjective to describe the health insurance industry?] And, if Lieberman can put one over on his most odious opponents–liberals & progressives–while he’s at it, so much the better. He still owes them one more, and one more, etc., for Ned Lamont, after all. And what could be a more gratifying form of retribution to all those DFHs than to torpedo real health care reform, including the public option, and the medicare buy-in, which Lieberman was actually on record as supporting just a few months ago? I’ll bet he’s done the math and deduced that many in that DFH cohort are worried about their own health care coverage [sic], as well as coverage for their children and their parents. What a fantastic form of vengeance! …or as Ezra Klein so aptly phrased it, "…Lieberman seems primarily motivated by torturing liberals."

Reminds me of that time when Tom DeLay declared that he was "the federal government" when he was confronted for smoking a cigar in a federal building, where smoking was not allowed. I knew then that he had definitely over-reached. DeLay’s sense of entitlement had become that fatal flaw, hubris. Lieberman appears to have done the very same thing in his flip-flopping obstructionism of substantive health care reform. Is it really possible that he can still win another election in Connecticut, even with the full-throated support of Obama and Rahm? Honestly, I just don’t see how… Surely, Connecticut voters now have his number?

I keep thinking lately of that classic Frank Capra film with Hepburn and Tracy and Lansbury, "State of the Union," with all of its wonderful subtext. Here is a great clip from the film… the dénouement, in which Tracy’s character’s corruption is finally undone as he sees his wife being tainted and compromised by what his campaign has become, i.e., total corruption. Even his children play a small role in his campaign, despite his wife’s druthers. Not that I ever expect to see such a scene occur in contemporary Washington… this was Capra’s vision, after all.

The entire film is worth watching for a number of reasons…

* the insidious way in which Tracy’s character gets corrupted

* how his wife, played by Hepburn, tries to keep him on a straighter path

* because Lansbury, as a newspaper publisher, is a corrupting influence in many more ways than one

* and for the scene of Tracy flying loop de loops while Hepburn serenely continues with her knitting, while Van Johnson turns (presumably) green. (It’s a black & white film.)

Fwiw, YouTube has other clips from the same film…

photo of Lieberman wearing earth colors and campaigning with McCain from wikipedia



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