Italian Prime Minister and right-wing media mogul Sylvio Berlusconi had to take a break from his usual occupations of undermining the Italian judiciary and improving his appearance with plastic surgery and hair-implants yesterday when a "mentally unstable" man hit him in the face with a replica of Milan’s multi-pointed cathedral.


Meanwhile the English-language version of Berlusconi, Rupert Murdoch and his flagship Wall Street Journal constantly intensify their already hysterical campaign of climate-change denialism, and if you had to choose between bashing Rupert Murdoch or allowing him to annihilate millions of sympathetic little animals like this dumbo octopus…

Dumbo Octopus2

Which would you choose?

Jacob Freeze

Jacob Freeze

I'm a painter and photographer who supplements his meager income by hurling rotten fruit and screaming "Welcome to the Bu!" at the Humvees of hedge-fund managers and their nightmare spawn who get stuck in the ridiculously narrow drive-through at McDonald's in Malibu. They inevitably poop their pants and abandon the vehicle, which I subsequently strip and sell for parts, and that is how I can afford to live in Malibu.

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