Will Reid Lead?

Earlier today, I wrote Thank You, Sen Joe Lieberman (I-CT), For Being Arrogant Beyond all Bounds, in which I argued in part that Joe has done Progressives a big favor.

There’s nothing quite like having your opponents reach way too far to help make your point for you.

I argued that, in Lieberman’s infinite arrogance, he put the White House and Reid in the perfect position to either stand with the American people, or against them.

On health care reform, there’re no bullshit positions in the middle any more. The final scrap that would have allowed Obama and the House and Senate Democrats to pretend that they’ve achieved health care reform is gone.

Now Reid has to show whether he’s with the American people, or against them.

And Progressives need to make sure that his choice is clear.

Reid either stands with the American people, or he stands against them.

I would like to call attention to Jane Hamsher’s FDL Action petition to Reid, which she announced on Nov 23, 2009, and point out that Reid can still choose to stand with the American people.

Sign the petition to tell Reid that he must use reconciliation so that the majority of senators can pass real health care reform.

reconciliation=majority rule

Petition to Harry Reid:

"The power to pass a public option is yours alone. Don’t let corrupt Democratic senators owned by insurance industry lobbyists kill the public option and majority rule. Get them in line, or use reconciliation to pass a public option with a majority vote."

As the majority leader of the Senate, the power to pass a public option is squarely in Harry Reid’s hands. Fifty-one Senators have said they would vote for a bill with a public option — no opt-outs, no triggers. That’s a majority. Will Reid let three or four corrupt Senators owned by the insurance industry hold the public option hostage? Or will he use the reconciliation process to allow a simple majority vote on a public option?

Reid still can lead. He can still show Americans that he’s on their side.

Click here to sign the petition!

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