While Durham and Chapel Hill are deep Blue, Raleigh, located in the very large county of Wake, is still chock full of enough right-wingers to make it a swing county. One recent election resulted in a huge change in philosophy about diversity in the public school system there. Basically, the goal of reworking districts to promote racial diversity angered many parents who wanted to return to neighborhood-based school zones, which, given the propensity of many Wake residents to self segregate either for socioeconomic reasons or, um, racial “unity” would return the system to segregation by default.

James @ Blue NC tells the sorry tale of the takeover of the school board.

Jesus wants your help keeping little black children in their place

Just when you think the takeover of public schools in Wake County by free-market fundamentalists can’t get any more bizarre, it turns out that the new chair of the school board is a card-carrying Christianist, a founding director of Called2Action, a zealot set on remaking public education in his own arrogant image. NC Policy Watch digs up the sad story.

Comprised of a diverse group of like-minded people, Called2Action exists to empower ordinary people to become effective in the defense of our shared family and social values, and remain true to the Judeo-Christian foundation of our great state and country. Most importantly, Called2Action humbly acknowledges the sovereignty of God, seeking to do His will in a prayerful, loving and compassionate way.

By the “sovereignty of god,” they mean of course that Judeo-Christian genius, that master of miracles whose glorious works include this bright spot in history, these new laws, this blessed orgy, and even the sacred foundation of our country.

More on the new board chair, Ron Margiotta, who is a transplant to the area from NJ:

But Margiotta’s critics view him as an ideologue who’s leading efforts to dismantle a 140,000-student school system that has received national recognition for its diversity efforts. They point to his past public statements in support of ending the magnet school program and breaking up the school district and his leadership role in the Wake County Taxpayers Association, a group that’s opposed to raising taxes.

“He has certainly allied himself with groups that don’t support what’s in the best interests of public education,” said Chris Fitzsimon, executive director of N.C. Policy Watch, a liberal think tank.

I will remind you a little about this organization Called2Action, which has announced that it is “answering the call” to support Margiotta and the new, more conservative board members.

Called2Action and its leader Steve Noble have tried to ban books from Wake County Schools and led a boycott of the News & Observer for publishing a photograph of two gay men. The group was created to protest Raleigh’s Human Rights Commission consideration of banning discrimination based on sexual orientation.

The values statement:

Most importantly, Called2Action humbly acknowledges the sovereignty of God, seeking to do His will in a prayerful, loving and compassionate way.

The following is a brief list of some of our core values and will be expanded as needed. This list is not meant to be exhaustive as God’s word clearly speaks to all aspects of our daily lives. The intent of this list is to show the community the core values we have chosen to unite around, not to identify all of the issues we will engage.

   * Sanctity of Traditional Marriage
* Right to Life
* Protecting Childhood Innocence
* Sexual Abstinence Outside Marriage
* Racial and Ethnic Equality and Justice

Check out the call for a rally by C2A, it’s right out of the pump up the fundies and hit them up for money form letter book. It’s below the fold.

The C2A "actiongram":

New School Board Under Attack  



Wake County voters have spoken and control of our School Board has changed hands…but the will of the people doesn't seem to matter for many members of the powerful NEA.  In a recent email, the President of the Wake County chapter said:

"They don’t care about children and it is now clear that they don’t care about teachers…WE HAVE TO PLANT OUR FLAG IN THE SAND HERE AND NOW” 

Since then they have made a point of disrupting public School Board meetings and on December 1st it got so bad that Ron Margiotta, the new Chairman of the School Board, had to threaten to bring in security if the crowd didn't calm down.  All of us have a right to attend public meetings and vocalize our concerns, but none of us should go so far as to obstruct or intimidate.  We need to support the new School Board majority so we are asking you to do two things:

  • Please keep the entire School Board in your prayers…the Bible commands us to pray for those in authority.  Please lift the entire School Board up in prayer but especially Ron Margiotta as it's new leader.  They need wisdom and sober-mindedness as well as protection!
  • Please attend the Support the New School Board Rally next Tuesday!  It is being organized by our friends at American's for Prosperity (more info here).  In these contentious days we need to show up in order to show support!  Here are the details:  



Support Change, Support the New Board Rally
Tuesday December 15th, 2:30 PM  
Sidewalk Outside Wake School System Headquarters
3600 Wake Forest Road,  Raleigh, NC 27609


always, thank you for your continued support!

In His Service & Yours,

Steve Noble



Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding