Last Thursday Sarah Palin was asked by an Anchorage right-wing AM radio host to define a "Palin Doctrine." Here’s my transcript:

Eddie Burke: The president never said "victory" in almost 31 minutes of language there in front of our men and women there at the academy. Is he wrong on this?

Sarah Palin: Well, it’s alarming that there isn’t a passion for victory – victory means essentially killing the terrorists, stopping the growing cells of terrorists over there, so they don’t come over here and destroy America, and try to destroy our allies too, so kind of shocking that we still don’t hear that "Hey – We Win, You Lose!" old Reaganesque type of thinking when we talk war strategy – but – THANK GOD – at least now Obama [note the lack of "President" there by the quitter who demands she be called "Governor"] listened to McCrystal – albeit months and months later, but listened to him – and is giving him at least partially the reinforcements that have been requested; we’ve gotta get over there, and we gotta have that surge strategy – those conditions are different than Iraq, but essentially the same surge strategy that worked in Iraq, let’s do it in Afghanistan and, uhm, let’s, you know, allow that country to start guarding its own self so that America can start shifting focus, but, for now, we’re on a mission over there and we’d better win.



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