Christmas-Cookies-by-Libär-I heard a tip from a real estate agent once who said it’s nice to put a pan of simmering water with vanilla in it on the stove when a person is hosting an open house. The theory is that a person will walk in the door and have the impression that someone is baking cookies. Yum….I want this house.

People who serve home made cookies are perceived as being kind, generous and loving. C’mon, you ever hear anyone say I hate your stinking guts, here, have a cookie?

I’ve arranged a Cookie Exchange for the gals at the gym where I work. It’s going to be this Wednesday. One gal, a regular complainer, barked Stop shoving this crap in my face. Ha. I told her it was strictly voluntary and just one day of the year. Anyone thinking that she’s going to go through the entire holiday season without having one, tiny, eency wincy cookie, raise your hand.

So, this is the place where we can share our favorite recipes and cookie stories. Rah Cheer.

eCAHN, will you bless us with your pumpkin bread recipe? jayt, tell us which break and bake cookie dough tastes the best. Loo Hoo is usually good for some different and unique ideas. Ms. Molly? I’m pretty sure you’ve got some great suggestions.

I’ve got a couple of stories to tell, and I will, later in the comments.

Thanks to Ms. Elliot for the suggestion to put up a diary where we can all share.

Sorrows shared are halved. Joys shared are doubled. Cookie recipes shared: Priceless Yum!

Christmas Cookies picture courtesy of  Libär