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FDL Cutting Room Roundup: Second Chance Video

Every week our team busts hump and gathers video for use in our posts. But an awful lot of video ends up on the cutting room floor because news and events overtake us. Here’s a second chance for a selection of video we enjoyed and wanted to use, but simply couldn’t squeeze into our front page line up.

At the top our list is our favorite dark lord and curmudgeon, Dick Cheney, who doesn’t actually make an appearance in this video. He is the topic, though, kind of like a black hole we can’t see but know is there. Rep. Alan Grayson says out loud what we’ve hoped someone would say to the evil old bloviator: STFU. Thank you, Grayson, once again for telling it like it is.

The only wrinkle with old DeadEye shutting his piehole, though, is that every time he opens his yap, he’s trying to protect his butt with some redirection. Bet if we paid more attention to what it is he’s trying to hide, he’d really clam up.

And on to our next video…

Wendell Potter talks about the health insurance industry’s inability to get to affordable health care, because it’s driven by profit. They are never, ever going to change and will only find other ways to get around any roadblocks in legislation unless there are fundamental changes in legislation which suppress the profit motive. Potter asks whatever happened to reform…a most excellent question.

In business school in our first economics classes they teach us about supply and demand curves, the old guns or butter model used often to to show how more money spent on butter affects the sloping curve of demand for guns. The one vertical curve used often as an example is health care — in other words, a customer will pay anything to get health care in a for-profit system. This is what the health care industry knows quite well, all of its management having cut their teeth on the same business school classes. They know they can demand anything in this current system.

And that’s what needs to be reformed. There’s no possible way that 3000 health care insurance companies across the country mean real competitive pricing under the current system; true competition would have reduced this number substantially through acquisition and mergers to yield economies of scale.

Closer to the economies of scale found in a single payer system.

Robert Reich elaborates further on The Ed Schultz Show about the impact of the lack of competition on health care reform. Boy howdy, we need more professors like Reich across the country in business schools. (Did you know he blogs? Me neither…)

Reich is adamant about the need for the public option, and pushes back at those who insist that the public should not let the perfect be the enemy of the good. As long as the profit motive dictates this reform process, there is no good to this as private insurers will not be kept honest.

And the best for last: Rachel Maddow and Dr. Howard Dean talk about health care reform and the public option, and give mad props to our Jane Hamsher for her tenacious stand for the same.

Yes, incumbent members of Congress, we want real change, we want real competition in health care which drives prices down, we want no more Americans dying for lack of health care insurance. We want a public option, and we are prepared to run primaries against you if you fail to hear the majority of the public asking for this, if you choose to represent only corporations instead of we, the people who actually vote.

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