Seminal Watercooler – If You Think Our Prisons Are Overcrowded Now…

Last week, The Watercooler reported on a California man who wants to protect the sanctity of marriage by outlawing divorce. A conservative group in Minnesota is trying to upstage him:

There are apparently laws on the books dating back more than 150 years making it illegal for a married woman to cheat on her husband. Another statute prohibits single women from having sex at all.  The law against married women is a gross misdemeanor and carries a prison sentence of one year, plus a possible fine of up to $3,000.

Tom Prichard of the Minnesota Family Council thinks the laws should actually be strengthened to apply to men as well. "We think they’re important. They send a message. When you are dealing with a marriage, it’s not just a private activity or a private institution. It’s a very public institution. It has enormous consequences for the rest of society."

What’s on your mind tonight?

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