Murderers/ Till The Casket Drops

I’m going to record a radio interview with Ana Marie Cox that should air soon, so while I’m out, I recommend listening to From The Depths’ “Murderers.” It’s the best crust-metal song I’ve heard all year. Spent the morning listening to it on repeat. This music is not for everyone. But if it’s for you, you will not be disappointed. I made fun of my friend Matthew Yglesias yesterday for likening terrorism to turn-of-the-20th-century anarchism, but after repeatedly blasting “Murderers,” I concede the lyrics contain some uncomfortable parallels.

So about Till The Casket Drops, the long-awaited third Clipse full-length record, the other thing I’ve been listening to this week. You kind of have to pre-commit to liking this record to listen to it repeatedly. It’s not like Hell Hath No Fury, a record in which even my friends who don’t particularly like rap music listened to and immediately understood was something special. Casket is good but not great. But at the same time, what’s happening with Malice, typically the less appreciated Clipse rapper, is fascinating. He’s grown increasingly tortured and guilt-ridden about his role as a drug dealer and his contributions to the empty materialism of rap. “Footsteps” is to coke-rap what the Embrace or Rites of Spring records were to hardcore, a near-total subversion of the genre. That alone is worth the price of admission, even as “Kind Of Like A Big Deal” is fated to be the track people lend their focus.

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