Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Make Popcorn it turns out you are poisoning yourself.
"Two years ago, Orville Redenbacher soared from the graveyard and announced in weeks of TV ads that his popcorn was now free of diacetyl. That’s the chemical in artificial butter flavoring that has been blamed for sickening hundreds of workers, killing a handful and destroying the lungs of at least three microwave popcorn addicts.

Almost every other popcorn maker followed suit.

But now, government health investigators are reporting that the "new, safer, butter substitutes" used in popcorn and others foods are, in some cases, at least as toxic as what they replaced.

Even the top lawyer for the flavoring industry said his organization has told anyone who would listen that diacetyl substitutes are actually just another form of diacetyl."

(I wonder where this falls in terms of ‘preventive health care’)

With the drumbeats getting louder for sanctions and possibly war re Iran, it is worth reading this little history regards the latest nuclear dustup (keeping in mind that Iran IS a signatory to the non-profliferation treaty which allows nations to have nuclear power for their own energy purposes). And I’m not defending the political regime in Iran, anymore than I would consider defending the political regime in Israel; or the U.S. for that matter)

"In its dealings with Iran, America always falls back on the same inept manoeuvres. In a diplomatic simulation last week, Gary Sick saw history repeat itself once again.
Can the United States forge a mutually constructive relationship with Iran? Can a global superpower find a way to persuade a recalcitrant and paranoid regional power to enter the community of nations as a responsible participant?"



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