What Should Medicare-For-All Candidates Agree To?

No more fair weather friends....

No more fair weather friends....

I’ve been casting around for suggestions from people I trust about what kind of a platform we should ask Medicare for All candidates to agree upon. We want to avoid the problem we have right now — people like Anthony Weiner, or Charles Rangel — those who are cosponsors of H.R. 676 until it doesn’t matter. (I’m sure the $1.4 million Rangel has taken from insurance interests has nothing to do with it.)

Here are the initial suggestions. Please add yours in the comments:

1) The candidate pledges to support legislation that advances Medicare for All at both the state and national levels. “Support” means cosponsoring legislation, voting for it in committee and the floor (if given the opportunity), and conditioning votes on final passage for incremental reforms pushed by Leadership on pro-single payer amendments that are successfully added to the bill at any point in the process remaining in the final version of the bill. Legislation that “advances Medicare for All” should include legislation that removes regulatory barriers to state Medicare for All systems.

2) The candidate agrees to insist on CBO scoring of any legislation or amendment that advances Medicare for All at the state or national levels.

3) The candidate agrees to join and actively participate in any existing Medicare for All Member Caucus. Participate means speaking during any Medicare for All special orders and promoting Medicare for All briefings.

4) The candidate pledges to support a Medicare for All plank in the National Democratic Platform during presidential election years.

5) If elected, the candidate pledges that no contributions will be made from his or her Leadership or Candidate Committee PACs to any candidate for Congress who does not agree to these Medicare for All principles.

6) The candidate agrees to prominently display their support for Medicare for All on their campaign website, and if elected, on their official website.

7) The candidate agrees to present the argument for Medicare for All at all debates and other campaign events.

8) The candidate agrees to oppose any legislation that further empowers or enriches the for-profit health insurance system.

9) The candidate agrees to refuse donations from any PACS or donors associated with the health care industry including health care professionals, hospitals, device manufacturers, the insurance industry, pharmaceutical companies or other entity likely to benefit from the failure to enact Medicare for All.

Other suggestions?

If you’d like to volunteer to lead a search committee in your district for a single payer candidate, you can do it here.

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