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No civil rights movement has ever said 'give us less, and we will be satisfied.'

No civil rights movement has ever won without the strength to keep fighting no matter what the loss or setback was at the time.

The LGBT community has survived

  • mental institutions
  • penal institutions
  • science calling us sick
  • religion calling us sinful

We have survived being thrown out of our homes, our schools, and rejected by everyone we knew.

But we found each other. And we loved each other. And we supported each other through AIDS, when no one gave a damn. And we refused to be victims.

We became survivors, and now, our resilience has made us tougher, stronger, smarter.

No, we will not back down from the losses around marriage equality, or any other civil right issue. We deserve it all, and we will not rest until we have it all. That is what a movement is.

We keep moving, forward. No retreat, not now, not ever.

Bose in St. Peter MN

Bose in St. Peter MN

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