Apparently this blogger at Alaska Pride (and it’s not gay Alaska Pride, friends), doesn’t like the Southern Poverty Law Center very much because it ties some militia with eliminationists and white supremacists. Oh, my, why could that be? Anyway, in describing how low the SPLC can go, he cites its blogroll, which includes…hmmm…take a look-see…

In their quest towards eternal self-perpetuation and to keep the donation spigot cranked wide open, the SPLC has expanded far beyond their normal scrutiny of “racists” to include nativists, tax protesters, and patriots in general. Anyone to the right of Barack Obama is scrutinized – and often smeared – by the SPLC. And their patina of respectability induces journalists to thoughtlessly regurgitate their propaganda, as the Anchorage Press did on December 2nd with their hit piece on the Federation for American Immigration Reform. A look at the SPLC’s blogroll further illustrates their bias against the right; they link to a number of notorious progressive websites like Daily Kos and Pam’s House Blend, the latter edited by an affirmative-action triple threat who’s disabled, black, and lesbian.

The facade of SPLC infallibility continues to crack daily as Americans in all walks of life learn of their hysterical hatemongering. The militia movement will not go away just because the SPLC doesn’t like it.

Wow. That’s the first citation of your blogmistress being notorious and disabled! What about the quadruple threat of being a Southerner? C’est la vie.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding