4112721688_e14a9daf19_m.jpgCurrency: Any country will seem affordable once you leave Kenya — but we’ve fallen in love with the Tanzania shilling for three reasons:

(1) The US dollar is a lot less mighty on the road — but in Tanzania it is still golden. One dollar is worth approx a whopping 1350 shillings — meaning you can get a good budget hotel for less than $20 dollars.

(2) It pays in Tanzania to be vegetarian! Not only do most menus have a "vegetarian page" (thank you India and China!) — but veg food, unlike in the United States, also costs considerably less on the menu.

4112721558_c0080206a7_m.jpg(3) Unlike most countries — no dead or living presidents on the Tanzanian currency! Instead, the lions, rhinos, and buffaloes rule—the 10,000 bill features a elephant, the 5,000 bill features a rhino, and the 500 shilling bill features the buffalo.

Toilets: We’ve also been surprised by how many nice flushing toilets we found, even outside of Dar or Zanzibar.

4111954437_a38a8fc81b_m.jpgBeer: Ok, so — Kilimanjaro beer is terrific (smooth light taste, cool looking label, one of the best beers we’ve had in East Africa) and we were ready to move Tanzania to the front of the line in the best beer category — until we tasted their other main local beer Serengeti. Don’t be fooled by the cute cheetah looking cartoon on the front, this brew sucks and leaves a lingering aftertaste. It may be the only beverage (and certainly only beer) that we disliked so much that we categorize it in the same company with Starbucks "drip coffee,” which they intentionally make taste so terrible that you’re forced to shell out an extra $3 to buy a latte or a mocha.

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