Class War: The SALT Talks

When we last left Respected Econoblogger Megan McArdle she was using her bully pulpit at The Atlantic to discuss credit default swaps hawk Presto Salad Shooters and the Xpress Redi Set Go and some other kitchen shit that you simply must have otherwise your life will be as barren and empty as the gift table at a libertarian wedding.

Also. McMegan was fancy-talkin’ salt.

Of course, no good seasoning goes unremarked upon, particularly when McMegan has another one of her “such is blogging ” moments and thus had to issue an emergency salt advisory:

A Side Note About Exotic Salt
When I said I “cook with” Maldon sea salt, I did not mean that I toss it in the water with my pasta, or use it to brine my turkey. Sea salt is a finisher–you put a little of it in when you’re done cooking and ready to serve, or toss it in cold dishes. If your recipe calls for salt at the start of the process–though with a few exceptions, I’m agin’ it–use kosher or ordinary table salt. A box of sea salt should last you at least six months, unless you’re serving a crowd every night. Some of my correspondents were a tad confused on this, so I thought it was worth clarifying before some unhappy soul tossed three tablespoons of fleur de sel into their pasta water, and came looking for my head.

I believe that this is what David Mamet had in mind when he said that a certain someone “could fuck up a baked potato”.

When Nutellaon Toast from firemeganmcardle points out that McMegan kind of McArdlebargled it (as is her custom) McMegan plays the Upper East Side Manhattanite card:

The question is not whether I know how to use it or not–and as the daughter of a Manhattan foodie who grew up around caterers, restauranteurs, and associated types, you are seriously pushing down the wrong road if you think you can impress me with some foodie chest beating. That grew old and sad when I was about twelve.

Wow. It like a foodie Sharks versus the Jets.

Salad Shooters at dawn, I say.

I’ll bring the popcorn…lightly salted with fleur de sel, of course.

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