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Why Are Democrats Compromising With Themselves?

Spineless Democrats Strike Again!
By Jeff Morris- DeJaVu57

The Democrats had the opportunity to pass REAL health care reform with their huge majorities in both houses of Congress. A 60+ year Democratic dream could have actually come to fruition. I’m ashamed they’ve now decided to punt on the essential public option. Without the public option there will be no competition to the greed infested Private Insurance Industry. There will be no curtailing skyrocketing premiums. The Private Insurers again win, and the American people again lose.

To make matters worse, in the past if you refused to be part of this Corporate rip off, you were not criminalized for doing so. Now struggling Americans will be forced to buy into the same crappy for profit private health care system that the Democrats promised to "Change." Now if you refuse to be part of the rip off, you will pay a hefty fine! Meanwhile, the real criminals, the real thieves, are going to have their greedy for profit criminal enterprise expanded, and roughly 40 million new customers! "Change We Can Believe In?"

The Democrats will then proclaim "We passed historic health care reform and the American people have won a victory" What a crock! Apparently House and Senate Democrats, along with Pres Obama, think Progressives are as gullible and easy to fool as Teabaggers!

If this is the final bill, I’m done with the Democratic party. It will be third party time for me. The House and Senate Democrats are making fools of themselves by compromising the bill to the point where it isn’t worth passing. It’s been clear for some time that Republicans have no interest in reforming the broken health care system. Stop wasting time Democrats! Pass REAL health care reform through the reconciliation process which requires only 51 Senate votes, not 60, to pass.

The public option has a two thirds approval with all Americans. Bush passed his VERY unpopular tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% twice through the reconciliation process. Former VP Cheney was the tie breaking 51st vote once. Do this Democrats, or you WILL pay dearly in the 2010 and 2012 elections. If you pass a watered down worthless compromise of a final bill, I and I believe many others, will be done with you for any future support or votes for your party and its candidates.

Jeff Morris-Saugerties,N.Y.- DeJaVu57