Strange Kids With Candy

I'm just a blue collar kid from St. Albans

Digby on Luke, Son of Russ, Grandson of Big Russ, Great Grandson of Big Fucking Russ:

It’s like a Darryl Hammond impression of his father, right down to the sage, all knowing attitude. Except he gets all mixed up and says ridiculous things like Feingold is looking for a handout (that’s not how he rolls at all) but that he is the “apotheosis” of the progressive wing.

And they have to stop him from making these ridiculous pronouncements like “as we all know David, that’s politics!” because he looks like the Campbell Soup Kid pretending to be Cokie Roberts. He acts like he’s been up on the hill since the Truman administration. I don’t mean to pick on the kid. He’s young and he doesn’t know what he’s doing. But his string of irrelevant cliches are perilously close to Palin-level gibberish and it makes the more credible news people like Mitchell or Shuster look like complete fools when they respond to him like a real newsman.

There are “credible TV news people” and then there are credible actual reporters who work for a living. They’re wondering who brought their idiot kid to Bring Your Idiot Kid To Work Day and then bugged out to bang an intern in the office supply closet leaving the kid to wander the halls:

Luke Russert made the rounds Tuesday evening in the cramped and stuffy attic of the Senate Radio & TV gallery, handing out candy canes to reporters as part of his effort to whip up support heading in to the RTCA annual elections, which take place next week.

“Hello, I’m Luke Russert and I’m running for the board,” he announced cheerily.

Most reporters had no qualms about accepting the sugary pay off. Little did Russert appear to know, but he was handing out his goodies to a bunch of print reporters, who are not eligible to vote in the Radio & Television Correspondent’s Association general election.

“Luke who?” quipped one reporter.

“Luke, the guy with the candy canes,” replied another scribe.

Luke Russert is obviously good news for John McCain Mark Halperin.

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