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Is “Two Fisted Man Of God” Mike Hein Admitting Maine Victory May Be Short-Lived?

Hmm… sure does read as a possibility!

“NOTE: 2009 Business Card- information no longer current. Please update…”

Whoopsie! My bad- need to correct that “TFMOG” title and the name of the organization(s).

Apparently- Mike Heath’s replacement- Michael G. Hein, head honcho of Christian Civic League Maine Family Policy Council is no longer a “Two Fisted Man of God” and now uses a much more generic-sounding email addy.

As well as by the title of “Administrator, Christian Civic League of Maine”.

But… but… but…

“TFMOG” himself told me and a member of EQME that “the CCL label was worn out” and gave us his business cards!

Did “Maine Family Policy Council” revert back to “Christian Civic League”? Is the label no longer “worn out”? Is he using BOTH?

(Answer: YES. To both emails, organization names)

I’m so confused! How many different hats does the guy have?

Maybe if I ask nicely, TFMOG will give me an UPDATED biz card with his correct title (s), email(s) and organization name(s)… as to keep with full information disclosure.

~          ~          ~          ~          ~

I must not be the only one baffled by the ever constant relabelling issue; World Magazine interviewed TFMOG recently and they made the same “Organization Formerly Known as Maine Family Policy Council, Formerly Known As Christian Civic League” mistake I have.

TFMOG does seem very proud of this interview, however, as he was kind enough to send it in an email to the Blend.

He does that ALOT- next he’ll send us his holiday Xmas card list!

More below the fold.

This jumps out:

… In a small office near the granite walls of the capital building in Augusta, Maine, Michael Hein echoes that question.  

The administrator of the Christian Civic League of Maine is one of hundreds of Maine citizens who worked for months to fight gay marriage legislation in the left-leaning state.

The results surprised many: In a ballot initiative on Nov. 3, Maine voters repealed a state law that would have legalized same-sex marriage.  The victory was a relief for people like Hein, but the battle was hard-fought.

And the victory could be short-lived: Soon after the legislation’s defeat, Equality Maine, a gay rights group driving the “No On 1” campaign to support gay marriage, announced a series of five meetings to begin re-grouping.  


That may be one thing both sides have in common.  With gay marriage battles likely to resurface in Maine, and new battles looming in other states, opponents of gay marriage say defending their principles involves rolling up their sleeves, facing hard work, and overcoming weariness.  


For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the WM reporter didn’t ask about:

1. His impending divorce?

2. If the failure of his own marriage/ “his soon-to-be ex-wife leaving him” was a result of Maine’s marriage equality law?

3. What books is he reading and reviewing lately?

4. Is MFPC going to continue to try to intimidate the children of Maine?

But let’s go back to the “Community Conversations” Hein mentioned. He sure did dial back his tone in this interview, versus what was recently posted on the MFPC website:

And can someone tell me what the heck the scribbling posted is supposed to represent?

The RECORD has learned that not long after the election, Equality Maine began preparing “Community Conversations” on the subject of same sex marriage. These “Community Conversations” will consist of discussion groups that will be held in major cities across Maine beginning in early December.

The pleasant-sounding name “Community Conversations” appeals to cherished values of community and democracy, yet the name, like the term ‘gay marriage,’ hides a very unpleasant reality. “Community Conversations” are not designed to let Mainers speak their mind or express a differing viewpoint.  Instead, such meetings are used to reinforce the views of the liberal establishment.  

Abroad, the United Nations makes frequent use of “Community Conversations” to promote family planning as part of a globalist agenda. At home, “Community Conversations” are used to convince the American public to accept diversity, women’s rights, socialized medicine, and a host of other left-wing agenda items.

The Community Conversations hosted by Equality Maine will have the two-fold purpose of building support for Equality Maine and creating the illusion that Mainers are united in favor of homosexual marriage. While purporting to be community forums, these “Community Conversations” will be used to promote the homosexual agenda, perhaps in view of yet another referendum on same sex marriage.

In another piece, MFPC has announced they “may have dealt a final and fatal blow to the homosexual marriage movement.”

Batsh*t Crazy, Northern Style!

And so it goes…


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