I don’t need to amplify what these good people have to say about their need for healthcare and how grateful they are, yes grateful, for the opportunity to receive long overdue medical attention.

Many of the people I met today are working full time and simply cannot afford the exorbitant monthly health insurance premium, so they go without. The choice is stark. Health insurance or rent, food and clothing for the kids.

Others are unemployed. In America, you lose your job and there goes the health insurance–what else is new?

COBRA? Even with the government subsidy, for many, it’s still unaffordable.

As uninsured Americans, they cannot afford medications for chronic conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and arthritis. They cannot go to a doctor and they suffer in silence.

There will be no Christmas for these good Americans.

Natasha Stevenson and her three daughters who need dental care.

Seven year old Madeline says: "I haven’t even been to a dentist at all"

Diane Smith Hasn’t been to a doctor in seven years.

Dennis Cahill: Two heart attacks, no money for medications, no insurance, no doctor, no follow up.

Diandra, suffering for months with terrible dental pain.

Then I came to the blankets and I just lost it. How many Americans sleep on the streets? How many Americans sleep in cold homes because they can’t afford heat? Too many, way too many.

I’m sorry to inflict these terrible images on you, but we need the world to see our great American shame.

Eve (nyceve) Gittelson

Eve (nyceve) Gittelson