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CCL’s Mike Hein: “Meeting Postponement MAY Be Weather Related”

UPDATE: Now Hein is saying that the meeting “is the tip of the iceberg” and he is now engaged in sending his minions teabagging buddies to do his dirty work for him…

The secret, closed-door meeting came to light after a memo was released to the Christian Civic League as part of an investigation into the close cooperation between certain legislators and the homosexual rights movement. The title of the memo “Next Step” indicates that the meeting was going to be a strategy session on how to win gay marriage in Maine, despite the recent referendum in which a majority of voters voted to repeal the existing same sex marriage law.

The Senate President’s closed-door meeting so soon after the victory on Question 1 has offended many voters. One Maine voter, Al Lowberg, a prospective candidate for the Congressional seat in District 1 asked the Senate President on Wednesday to open the meeting to the public. Lowberg, shown with Mitchell in the photo at right,  approached the Senate President and asked politely if she would grant the public a place at the table. Lowberg is a former boat captain from the coast and has the frank and forthright manners of a native New Englander, a true Yankee. The Senate President replied in her warm, genteel manner that she could not grant his request, and then added “I don’t go to your private meetings, and you cannot come to mine.”

The meeting between the Senate President and the state’s largest homosexual rights organization is only the proverbial ‘tip of the iceberg.’

The Record has uncovered other evidence of collusion between members of the Legislature and the homosexual rights movement. One document reveals that the Senate President’s Office collaborated with Jesse Connolly to reschedule the public hearing for midweek, a time when most conservative Mainers were hard at work and cannot attend public hearings.  

These further revelations show there is something deeply wrong in Augusta. The Legislature – which ought to be the People’s House – is now a clubhouse for special interests. Worse, in the case of the Senate President, the People’s House is merely an opportunity for advancing one’s own political ambitions.

Wow; is there something in the water or what?


Oh really, ya think Mike?

Are you sure that same as last summer’s potato blight, this wasn’t an angry God’s punishment upon Maine?

Oh wait, wrong Mike… Hein versus Heath, Christian Civic League versus Maine Family Policy Council… it’s all terribly confusing, especially when it seems the names and labels are pretty much interchangeable.

Okay, lemme back up.

This morning I crossposted a diary about how “Two Fisted Man of God” Mike Hein had actually gotten an FOIA on Maine Senate President Libby Mitchell and Speaker of the House Hannah Pingree’s scheduled meetings, regarding  any communication between either of them and HRC, MCLU, EQME, etc.

He’s also all in a tizzy over EqualityMaine’s scheduled Community Conversations… oh heck, there I go again; more on that later!

Anyways. Dubious and suspicious meeting postponement… got it.

Without further ado, here is the email “Mike The Double Fister” kindly sent to the Blend, presumably as a PSA. He’s been doing that ALOT lately!

Subject: Mitchell/Pingree/Gay Marriage Lobbyists Meeting Postponed

My understanding is that the “next steps” meeting regarding the homosexual marriage effort in Maine, scheduled for this morning at 10:30am and referenced in the attached email pdf and in this recent media article (, between Senate President Libby Mitchell, House Speaker Hannah Pingree, EqualityMaine’s Betsy Smith and Kate Knox, and the MCLU’s Zach Heiden and Shenna Bellows has been postponed, most likely due to weather concerns.  

Senator Mitchell did not provide a date when they plan to meet, also to my understanding, when asked.

Mike Hein, Administrator

Christian Civic League of Maine

Maine’s Family Policy Council

And oh yeah, I noticed that Hein can’t figure out if he’s the admin for Christian Civic League, Maine Family Policy Council or the new “Maine’s Family Policy Council”, either…  

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