With all the attention given to the great work the Democrats owned by the health insurance and pharmaceutical cartels are doing for their corporate sponsors in the Congress (see: "health care reform hoax") the credit and lending banks got jealous and decided to trot out their own Congressional assets. File under "how naked can corruption really get to be in a supposed representative democracy?"

Bank-Friendly Dems Shut Down House, Threaten To Kill Wall Street Reform

"A group of Democrats friendly to Wall Street interests forced a delay in consideration of the landmark financial regulatory reform bill scheduled to hit the House floor on Wednesday, Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) told reporters in the Speaker’s lobby.

Frank accused the New Democrat Coalition of blocking the bill because its members are being prodded by big banks to abolish the Consumer Financial Protection Agency and to allow major financial institutions to avoid state laws tougher than federal regulations.

A Democratic leadership aide confirmed that centrist and conservative Democrats are threatening to vote no on the bill, leaving the caucus short of the needed votes …"

Seymour Friendly

Seymour Friendly

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