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As the Senate debates, in Kansas City, thousands of Americans brave bitter cold for urgent free healthcare

I’m in Kansas City covering the Kansas City Free Health Clinic for Firedoglake.

The weather here is numbing cold. The great heroes who run the National Association of Free Clinics, have arranged for the patient waiting line to be moved indoors, due to the Arctic chill which has settled over the heartland. Even a one block walk from the Crowne Plaza to the Convention Center was an ordeal. But thousands are expected to brave the bitter cold and come in droves.

The doors open at 12 noon, and already American citizens are arriving to take advantage of long overdue healthcare.

I’ve been asked by the organizers to let everyone know that if you require healthcare and you can get to Kansas City, please come. And I’d ask anyone reading this, to please pass along this information.

If you would like to schedule an appointment please call 1-877-249-5030 or come to the Kansas City Missouri Convention Center.

Here’s a preview of the dental clinic. Patients requiring dental care will get x-rays and treatment. I’m told most care will involve extractions of badly decayed and abscessed teeth.

Here’s a preview of the full clinic. The scope is almost impossible to convey.

I’ll do my best to keep you up-to-date today and tomorrow. The clinic expects to treat over two thousand people in dire need of healthcare.

45,000 Americans die every year simply because healthcare in the United States is a privilege not a right. Yet the "debate" continues in Washington. Should healthcare in the richest country on the planet remain a privilege of our uniquely American pay or die healthcare system? So humanitarian organizations like the National Association of Free Health Clinics, funded entirely by private donations, are stepping into the gaping and tragic void.

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Eve (nyceve) Gittelson

Eve (nyceve) Gittelson