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Last weekend Mideast by Midwest, the Sexist, and I schlepped all the way out to Fairfax in the snow to interview [rude slur deleted] at the Sarah Palin book signing. Because this was primarily the Sexist’s project, we asked them what they thought Palin represented for women and whether or not they thought she was a feminist.

Anyway, this is only a small portion of the interviews. For the story and more vid go here:

While we didn’t get to catch a glimpse of Sarah (who was accompanied by her hubby and Greta van Sustren), I’m glad we indulged in a slice of real America on that blizzardy Saturday morning.

Should have a cartoon on Sarah’s appearance at BJs by the end of the week — I can’t decide if I should draw her with this Fidel hat and shimmering cross or not.  Stay ‘tooned.

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Jonathan Guyer

Jonathan Guyer