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Medicare For Woodstock Hippies Next Year?

According to Sam Stein at Huffington Post and Greg Sargent at the Washington Post, momentum is building to let the Woodstock generation (55-64 year old Americans, you know who you are) to buy into Medicare as early as 2010. This is a stunning development, and might serve to rescue the Democrats’ electoral prospects single-handedly eleven months from now.

Stein (who Sargent says had the intel first):

There is "growing enthusiasm" for a proposal that would make Medicare coverage available to more consumers as early as next year, a Democratic source with knowledge of health care negotiations tells the Huffington Post.


That would make the emerging deal much easier for progressives to support, because it would mean Medicare would be available to people 55 years old and up much earlier — next year. People at high-risk — the uninsured, people who have been without insurance for some time — would immediately have access to Medicare, because the high-risk pool has heavy concentrations of people between 55 and 64.

It would also mean competition for the insurance companies would kick off right away.

As a member of the Baby Boomer generation, may I just say You Are Quite Welcome, America! We, for whom everything changed as we wanted: strollers to ride in, baby-parks to meetup in, suburbs to play in, middle schools to attend, drugs to enjoy, concerts to rock out to, colleges to revolutionize, sexual freedom to explore, careers to de-genderfy, erections to repair and extend, and (finally) retirement to redefine.

We have made America cater to our every need, and — guess what? — we’d like to enroll in Medicare early, thank you very much. And, you’re welcome!

It doesn’t surprise me in the least to see the pointy edge of our spear possibly become the sneaky way into single-payer. Our demands have almost without exception been met by our culture: we are simply too big a demographic to ignore. And while some of us are still healthy we’d like to be a part of our parents’ wonderful single-payer health care system. Now would be nice.


And we have so rarely been denied. Remember how cranky we get when that happens, America?

After all, if America lets the early Boomers into Medicare early, what’s to stop us from redefining it downward every three years by a bracket of ten until everyone is covered in nine years?

You’re welcome, America, from the impatient, demanding, immediate-gratification Baby Boomers. We have, once again, probably provided the solution to a looming problem by our mere presence and demography. Yay, us.

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Teddy Partridge

Teddy Partridge