Please, please let Little Ricky run…I’ve got a nice big back catalog here on this moralizer. Max Blumenthal at The Daily Beast has a report on Santorum’s 2012 rumblings.

Having already delivered speeches to conservative groups in the key GOP primary states of Michigan and Iowa, and with plans to speak at a fundraiser for a Republican gubernatorial candidate in South Carolina on December 8, former Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania appears to be testing the waters for a 2012 Republican presidential primary bid.

…[friend and political adviser, Deal] Hudson, who has advised President George W. Bush and Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain on Catholic issues, and who maintains close ties to leaders of the evangelical right, told me Santorum has become preoccupied with issues of national security. “He believes that Obama is weak on the Muslim threat and he is convinced that it’s going to turn around and bite him badly,” Hudson said.

While Santorum’s recent speeches and editorials are filled with warnings about the danger of Iran and the sinister motives of Muslims, his two terms in the Senate were defined by his activism on culture-war issues like abortion. In 2001, Santorum attempted and failed to slip an amendment into the No Child Left Behind bill that would have required public schools to teach “intelligent design” and familiarize students with criticism of the theory of evolution. Four years later, he became the only senator to travel to Florida and position himself by the bedside of the clinically brain-dead Terri Schiavo. In vowing to block efforts to remove Schiavo’s feeding tube, he compared her to “someone with the condition of cerebral palsy.”

Let the games begin. Please, Santorum, we need the GOP Clown car to be as full of fringe riders as possible. After all, he holds an extremist view that will certainly make a primary with Huck and Palin quite an extraordinary matter.

Santorum complemented his activism with an almost unremitting stream of extreme statements. In an interview with the AP, for example, he compared homosexuality to “man-on-dog” sex, prompting the female reporter to plead, “I’m freaking out here!” In 2005, as he geared up for his reelection campaign, Santorum blamed the Catholic church’s sexual-abuse scandal on the “academic, political, and cultural liberalism” of Boston. Comments like these, along with the denunciations of feminism and single motherhood that riddle the pages of his book-length culture-war manifesto, It Takes a Family, may call into question Santorum’s viability in a general election.

Ya think?! Oh, set your TVs to record the inane bigot eruptions. You know they are coming. I simply can’t wait for the debates with these flat-earthers when the moderator asks if they believe the earth is 5,000 years old and man walked with the dinosaurs.


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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding