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John Gibson’s New Book: The Media Brainwashed America into Hating George W. Bush

Just in time for Christmas, the hilariously titledjohn_gibson130 new Bush legacy reclamation tome, How the Left Swiftboated America: The Liberal Media Conspiracy to Make You Think George W. Bush Was the Worst President in History.

From Hurricane Katrina up through the Obama inauguration, the most insidious of poison memes was promulgated through not just far-left media outlets, but also through purportedly mainstream purveyors of news.


Fox News commentator John Gibson, in his most recent book, ably dispels the fabrications and fallacies the left put forth to successfully torpedo the Bush legacy. He defines “swiftboating” as “undermining character and credibility, no matter whether the charges are accurate,” and accuses the left of trashing not only the president, but the Iraq war, the war on terror and conservatives at large.

Well, after they spent 8 years calling W. the Next Reagan Churchill Greatest Man in History, you can’t blame the Bushbots for trying to wipe some of that egg off their faces.

But how dare John Gibson suggest the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were liars.

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