Often on other fora, people put up the letters they have written to congresspeople or senators. The reason for doing this is to provide boilerplate. Not everyone has the time to formulate a letter, and by borrowing freely in this fashion, more letters fill the email boxes of our loved ones and other recipients of our greetings down in Washington, D.C.

On the public option, the letter is short and sweet. It makes no difference whether or not your senators are supporters or not, because even a public option supporter who gives up short of getting something important has done something worthy of criticism: Just think if you failed at a task your boss gave you at work. Would it matter if you had wanted to succeed?

I recommend a letter from everyone, and everyone’s friends, and anyone contactable through chain mail or any other means that is short and to the point:

Dear Senator _______,

If the Senate does not vote to pass the Public Option, The Public will not vote to re-elect the Senate. It’s that simple, get it done.