The Only Listicle That Matters

It’s listicle season, that magical time of the year when editors and reporters don’t believe we should have to work for our money, because, you know, the holidays and jingle bells and turkey and football and shit. So we put together weak, lame and intelligence-offending lists of pseudojournalism to make it seem like we haven’t checked out emotionally. It is no accident, as the Marxists used to say, that Politico‘s “7 Stories Obama doesn’t want told” listicle — which was to your brain what a pedophile sex-offender down the block is to the neighborhood elementary school — came out the first day back from work after the Thanksgiving holiday. Journalism is haaaaaaard.

At an editorial meeting last week, I proposed that the Windy have its cake and eat it too by publishing the Best Listicles Of 2009. But my concept is ruined. Alex Pareene actually did a great, rigorous, excellent listicle for New York magazine’s end-of-the-decade issue looking back on ten years of wretched counterintuition. Lots of the offenders used to be my co-workers.

Update: Jesus, Pareene has Won The Day.

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Spencer Ackerman

Spencer Ackerman