Seminal Watercooler – Adding Contour To The Health Care Debate

health care pollNate Silver noticed something interesting about a recent Ipsos/McClatchy poll on health care reform:

Ipsos, however, did something that no other pollster has done. They asked the people who opposed the bill why they opposed it: because they are opposed to health care reform and thought the bill went too far? Or because they support health care reform but thought the bill didn’t go far enough?

It turns out that a significant minority of about 25 percent of the people who opposed the plan — or about 12 of the overall sample — did so from the left; they thought the plan didn’t go far enough.

Ipsos also asked a parallel question of people who supported the plan: did any of them support the plan because they oppose health care reform and thought that the plan was sufficiently watered-down so as to "keep health care reform from happening"? A small number of people picked this response: about 10 percent of those in favor of the plan, or 3 percent of the entire sample.

It certainly adds a little contour to the typically oversimplified dichotomy of "for" or "against."  What’s really interesting is that the total of those who want reform (43%) is greater than the total of those who don’t want reform (38%); but those who favor the current plan (34%) are easily outnumbered by those who oppose it (47%).

Where do you fall on this spectrum? What’s on your mind tonight?

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