Lubbock, Tx

Lubbock, Tx

I’m going to be at the Rockville, MD phone bank on December 12.  Hope you can join us — jh

This weekend scores of One Voice For Choice volunteers gathered in the homes of their friends and neighbors in Texas and California and began reaching out to thousands of pro-choice (and very likely) Democratic voters across the country.

We’re reaching out to every one of the 64 districts where Democrats voted for the anti-choice Stupak amendment. The response has been tremendous. The overwhelming majority of the voters we contacted agree – passing health care reform in this country shouldn’t come at the cost of women’s reproductive rights. And they’re willing to add their names to a list of constituents telling their Congress Member loud and clear that they want them to vote for a final health care reform bill that’s free of the Stupak ban.

Stupak, can you hear us now? It’s the sound of your bluff being called. Motivated voters will not allow you to hold health care reform hostage at the expense of a woman’s right to choose.

And for you Democrats in Congress who supported the most serious assault on reproductive freedom in a generation by voting for his amendment?

As Jane rightly pointed out, without the votes of women, Democrats are going nowhere in 2010.OVFC

We have phone banks coming up this week in the DC Metro area, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Texas and California.

Join one of phone bank efforts already going, or if there’s not one in your district, to start one of your own. It’s easy, it’s fun, and best of all, it works.

[Check out the latest phone banking dates and locations after the jump!] SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12 Mar Vista, CA 12-3pm Downtown Los Angeles, CA 9am-3pm Austin, Texas 1pm-5pm Rockville, MD 3pm-6pm SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13 San Francisco, CA 11am-2pm Fresno,CA 1pm-4pm San Diego CA 12-3pm MONDAY, DECEMBER 14 Elizabethtown, PA 6-8pm WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16 Denver, CO 6pm-9pm

Marta Evry

Marta Evry

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