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Minneapolis Quakers take stand on same-sex marriage

St. Paul, Minn. — A group of Twin Cities Quakers has decided to stop signing marriage certificates for opposite-sex couples until the state legalizes gay marriage.

“We're simply trying to be consistent with the will of God as we perceive it,” said Paul Landskroener, clerk of the Twin Cities Friends Meeting, in an interview with MPR's All Things Considered on Monday.

The congregation will continue to hold both opposite-sex and same-sex weddings at its meeting house, but will no longer sign the legal marriage certificate for opposite-sex couples. Instead, couples will need to have the certificate signed by a justice of the peace.

A brave stand for the congregation to take.  They may well lose some members over this.  The thing to note though, is that the Quakers don't have pastors, preachers or other such leaders, so this decision was made by the congregation itself.

Thanks to the Quakers!

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