Bill Clinton has stepped in to the Massachusetts Senate race, recording robocalls for Attorney General Martha Coakley.

As we’ve seen throughout this year and will unquestionably see next year, Clinton has rewarded candidates who were early supporters of his wife for President. But take a listen to his robocall, and in particular check out what he says Coakley will bring to the Senate:

Martha Coakley will go to Washington to fight every day to create good jobs with good benefits and to get health reform with a strong public option. You can trust her to get results in the Senate, just as she has as your Attorney General.

There are exactly two policies mentioned in this robocall – jobs and a public option. This is coming on a day when the public option is being squeezed out of existence in the Senate.

But the carrier of this message is curious as well. After all, hasn’t Bill Clinton spent this debate saying the worst option would be doing nothing and that “It’s not important to be perfect here… whatever they can get the votes for, I’m going to support”? Didn’t he spend a chunk of his speech at Netroots Nation asking progressives to settle for the best bill they could get? Didn’t he raise money for public option opponent Mike Ross in his home state of Arkansas?

I’m not sure why I should trust Bill Clinton when he tells me Martha Coakley will fight for a strong public option. He hasn’t shown much interest in fighting for it himself.

David Dayen

David Dayen