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An Orlando McDonalds Manager To A Trans Applicant: "We Do Not Hire F**gots"

Update: Click Orlando reported in their piece Transgender Teen Claims Discrimination; 17-Year-Old Says McDonald’s Manager Left Her Hateful Message (emphasis added):

…Zikerria Bellamy, 17, said she’s considering filing a lawsuit after the McDonald’s located at International Drive and Sand Lake Road in Orlando allegedly refused to interview her for a possible job.

The restaurant has not commented, but the teen spoke exclusively to Local 6 News reporter Jessica D’Onofrio, saying the incident started in July when she applied online for a job and was called in for an interview.

Bellamy said she did not check off a box on the application where it asked whether the applicant is male or female. According to the application, it states near the voluntary gender question that “failure to respond will not subject you to adverse treatment,” D’Onofrio reported…

No adverse treatment, eh? The other f-word isn’t adverse treatment? Eep!

I’m so waiting to hear what McDonalds’ corporate office will say about this incident. From the Associated Press:

A spokeswoman for Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s said the restaurant would issue a statement later Monday.

Oh goody!

More at the links.


I’m always a little amazed by blatant discrimination against anyone, especially if it’s easily documented. The Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund (TLDEF) is filing a complaint (lawsuit) today (December 7th, 2009) with the Florida Commission on Human Relations. It’s due to an Orlando McDonalds’ restaurant refusing to hire 17-year-old Zikerria Bellamy — specifically because she is transgender. And, in the process of discriminating against her, she received a voicemail message from one of the McDonalds’ managers, complete with an antigay pejorative:

TLDEF Files Employment Discrimination Complaint with Florida Commission on Human Relations Against McDonald's for Refusing to Hire Transgender Woman“You went to (indistinguishable) McDonalds today. It doesn’t matter how many times you go down there: You will not get hired. We do not hire faggots.

“You lied to me. You told me you was a woman. And then you lied to me. You told me you were seventeen. I can’t believe you. You’re a lying brother (indistinguishable). How could you ever lie to me? We will never…”

By the way, I don’t use the the other f- word unless I’m quoting someone saying it. This is definitely a quote.

Maybe McDonalds corporate will again try to remind us that they are an lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) friendly organization, but individual restaurants seem to have a history of discriminating against LGBT people. Remember Kentucky’s “faggot” story? Remember New York’s Christina Sforza story? I do.

Let’s hope at least that McDonalds’ corporate folk jump in and fix this latest outbreak antitrans sentiment by one of their managers at their restaurants in the next two or three days. Maybe requiring new, lengthier, mandatory training for crewmembers and managers — even at their franchised restaurants — on their LGBT nondiscrimination policies?


Further reading:

* TDLEF: TLDEF Files Employment Discrimination Complaint with Florida Commission on Human Relations Against McDonald’s for Refusing to Hire Transgender Woman

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