Open thread: Hey Ya! Charlie Brown Christmas, holiday shopping, Tiger Woods' little brain gone awry

My HS friend Carole dug this one up and posted it on Facebook, Kate and I boogied along.

We went to Costco this AM and it was surprisingly empty. The other day we went to Target, and it was a ghost town. Even the cashier said business is slower than last year. Then again, what holiday presents I did buy so far I purchased online. Kate and I hate the malls. Our one excursion was early last Sunday before everyone got there. The sales in places like Bath and Body Works were pretty deep if you don’t impulse shop. What has occurred so far nationwide? (Newsweek):

So far, the data on the 2009 Christmas shopping season is coming as fast and furious as information about Tiger Woods’ mistresses. But the data are equally unsatisfying: instantaneous and relentless, but not comprehensive or insightful.

On the one hand, the International Council of Shopping Centers projected holiday sales would rise 1 percent to 2percent, and its survey suggested consumers will boost spending on gifts this year but will cut down on gift cards. On the other hand, early data is gloomy. ShopperTrak reported that Black Friday sales rose just 0.5 percent from last year. According to the National Retail Federation, more people are shopping-195 million shoppers hit stores or Web sites over the weekend, way up from 172 million last year. But they spent less. Average spending fell 7.9 percent, from $372.57 per household last year to $343.31 this year. For some sectors, the weekend was great. MasterCard SpendingPulse said that in November, which included Black Friday and the crucial Thanksgiving weekend, spending on consumer electronics rose 6.6 percent.

Speaking of Tiger Woods, how many women other than his wife have crawled out of the woodwork now? I really think the media reporting about this has been over the top, but such is the status of the traditional news outlets now. Not that I’ll give Tiger a pass or anything — clearly the whole sanctity of marriage thing as practiced by the zipper-down brigade is yet again proven fradulent — but he’s not voting on my rights, and as far as I know, taken a stand of any kind on LGBT rights. Has anyone read anything about that? It’s probably not to his endorsement advantage to take any kind of controversial position, but having a long line of mistresses probably isn’t the big brain thinking about any endorsement deals.

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