Future White House Correspondents Club poses for their annual picture

American Urban Radio’s White House Correspondent April Ryan gets all up in White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’s grill about THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY OF THIS ADMINISTRATION:

Borrowing Candy Crowley’s “some people say” schtick, Ryan points out that “It’s been bantered around Washington” that Desiree Rogers (who thinks she’s all that) was trying to “upstage” Michelle Obama and steal her man… or something. Gibb’s is all, “Oh no she dit-int” and Ryan is all, “Press Secretary… please” and does that eye-roll thing, so Gibbs shows her the hand and the other correspondents are all “oooooooooo” … and it’s on, bitches.

And Michael Scherer wonders why the White House views some of the correspondents as if they were teen-aged girls fighting over the last Justin Bieber t-shirt at Hot Topic.



Yeah. Like I would tell you....