Whatever else Barack Obama may believe, he clearly believes in Death. In Copenhagen, he’ll have the opportunity to kill billions! How can he pass it up? After all, this is a man who loves Death. He’s been piddling around killing off thousands in increments – now that he has the big chance, will he the Audacity to say "Yes, I can"?

Obama’s been sucking up to death for years now. He started close to home…by killing off his first name, Barry. (Thanks, mom!) When he had the chance, he jumped to join the University of Chicago, where Death has Big Shoulders. From Fermi’s pile right up through the cult of Freidman, the University’s been at the bleeding edge of America’s chief foreign policy export: Death. With a record stretching from Hiroshima to neo-liberalism, that’s quite the success. (Don’t ask me – ask the millions of Russians Jeffery Sachs killed off….or their survivors).

Alone among US Senators, Obama showed up to celebrate when Robert Rubin spawned his new Death cult, the Hamilton Project. Even before the 2008 election, U Chicago Consitutional Law Lecturer Obama happily used FISA to eviscerate the Fourth Amendment. For his Chief of Staff, Obama hand-picked ardent genocide supporter Rahm Emanuel. Why, Rahm loves Death so much that he volunteered to go kill Palestinians! When it came time to pick his Inaugural Invocation speaker, what spiritual leader did Obama elevate before America and the world? Why, Obama so loves Death that he gave to the world his only begotten First Inuagural Invocation….for genocide, in the person of eliminationist hate preacher Rick Warren.

Sluicing trillions out of Treasury and into the undead banksters Robert Rubin, Tim Geithner, Larry Summers and Peter Orszag serviced for decades allowed Obama to kill thousands: this winter, homeless people will die on the streets and seniors will die in unheated homes – all for the want of Federal dollars Obama chose instead to give away to banksters.

Obama’s secret deals with insurance megacorps and PhRMA – along with Obama’s willing sabotage of universal health care – will kill tens of thousands each year. In the future, Obama may be able to count on more deaths: Cass Sunstein, the man Obama picked to head up OMB’s Federal regulation reviews, just installed a regulation-killing Bushie to "review" all Federal regulations….and kill them. Given half a chance, putting even more poison in our land air and water will kill millions – but that could take decades. Obama’s clearly a man on a mission: why wait so long to reward Thanatos? Even as proud new owner of his hopeless AfPak war, at best Obama will only kill hundreds of thousands. How to really increase the body count? Copenhagen.

For us to have even a 50-50 chance of averting runaway climate change, total global warming gas output must peak by 2020. James Hansen, one of the world’s most prescient climate scientists, believes Copenhagen’s already so compromised that the best we can do is dump what’s been proposed there and start over.

The scientist who convinced the world to take notice of the looming danger of global warming says it would be better for the planet and for future generations if next week’s Copenhagen climate change summit ended in collapse.

In an interview with the Guardian, James Hansen, the world’s pre-eminent climate scientist, said any agreement likely to emerge from the negotiations would be so deeply flawed that it would be better to start again from scratch.

Hansen is also fiercely critical of Barack Obama – and even Al Gore, who won a Nobel peace prize for his efforts to get the world to act on climate change – saying politicians have failed to meet what he regards as the moral challenge of our age….

In Hansen’s view, dealing with climate change allows no room for the compromises that rule the world of elected politics. "This is analagous to the issue of slavery faced by Abraham Lincoln or the issue of Nazism faced by Winston Churchill," he said. "On those kind of issues you cannot compromise. You can’t say let’s reduce slavery, let’s find a compromise and reduce it 50% or reduce it 40%."

He added: "We don’t have a leader who is able to grasp it and say what is really needed. Instead we are trying to continue business as usual."

Copenhagen gives Barack Obama the opportunity to permanently affect human history – by effectively ending it.

He’s already shown he has the skills required: fecklessness, dithering, complusive need to seek his enemies’ approval, willingess to betray his Oath of Office both to uphold the Constitution and provide for the general welfare, eagerness to sacrfice American lives for corporatists’ profits…and, this week, willingness to kill for nothing save his ambition.

Can Obama build on these skills and his lethal successes to bring home a suicide pact from Copanghagen?

Yes, he can.

In fewer than two weeks, we’ll see his menu for Copenhagen. Bon Appetit.

Kirk Murphy

Kirk Murphy

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