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Today's my opportunity to experience stereo Alabama football eruptions in my living room

I’m not a big football fan, but Kate and her brother Michael are HUGE Alabama football fans and are sitting in our living room ready to erupt as their team takes on Florida.

This will involve cussing and shouting and general sports-watching melodrama. I know, college football widow, but hey, I can’t say anything since poor Kate is the blog widow 365.

I’m actually enjoying sitting here watching them cut loose, particularly with the Alabama accents (which, for you Yankees, does not resemble a NC accent, lol) going hog wild.

Anyone here on the Blend big into college football? Here in NC it’s all about college basketball, so it’s interesting when I visit Birmingham during Alabama football season and if a player or coach breaks wind it lands on the front page of the newspaper. All football all the time. It’s hilarious.

Several years ago when Duke was in the final four, I decided to go shopping while the game was on — it was heaven — no cars on the road, no one in the stores. It was like most of Durham had been teleported out of the city.

When I returned to my apartment, it was right as the game ended with a win by Duke and almost in unison, screams erupted from all around me — almost everyone in the entire complex was watching the game.  

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding