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New smear launched against Kevin Jennings using old tactics of omission

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  kevin jennings Dept.of Education official Kevin Jennings is being attacked again.


Conservative blogs have claimed that Department of Education official Kevin Jennings is unfit as “Safe Schools Czar” because he supposedly promoted “child porn” by allowing an education organization he founded to recommend for students in grades 7-12 books that included sexually explicit content.

. . . In a December 4 post on his Gateway Pundit blog – headlined, “Breaking: Obama's 'Safe Schools Czar' Is Promoting Child Porn in the Classroom” – Jim Hoft wrote that “Scott Baker from and Co-Host of 'The B-Cast' submitted this shocking report today on Obama's deviant Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings.” In the post, Baker wrote that the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), which Jennings founded and previously served as executive director, published a reading list for students in grades 7-12 that contained books which included “X-Rated” and sexually explicit content.

But like all the other attacks against Jennings, this one is full of holes.

The implication seems to be that GLSEN and Jennings are encouraging children to read explicit or x-rated material. But such, according to Media Matters, is not the case:

GLSEN states in red type: “All BookLink items are reviewed by GLSEN staff for quality and appropriateness of content. However, some titles for adolescent readers contain mature themes. We recommend that adults selecting books for youth review content for suitability. The editorial and customer reviews listed at often provide information on mature content.” From the section:



So the implication that Jennings and GLSEN are attempting to expose children to sexually explicit material is not only wrong but highly irresponsible. The organization is suggesting a list of books for students to read. However the organization is also clearly suggesting that adults review the list and make the choice as to which books are appropriate for students.
This latest smear on Jennings reminds me of how members of the religious right declared war on Deerfield High School in Illinois in March of 2008.
Students in a Seniors Honors English class were assigned to read the Pulitzer Prize-winning play Angels in America, which told of the early days of the AIDS epidemic.
Members of the religious right, including Peter LaBarbera and Matt Barber, made sure to post the most explicit parts of the play and also made it seem that Angels in America was required reading.
They also omitted a few facts:
Students had to have permission from their parents to read Angels in America.
If they did not want to read Angels in America, they were then allowed to read another book, The Plague by Albert Camus.
As the Deerfield so-called controversy and the newest smear against Kevin Jennings proves, it's so simple how the omission of a few basic facts can unfairly paint someone as a monster out to harm children.
The two incidents also show that more scrutiny needs to be aimed at those making such accusations rather than the acceptance of their words at face value.
UPDATE – I have just received an email from someone who did not dispute my post but chose to appeal to hyperbole by posting some of the most explicit passages of one of the books. 
Nice try but your attempt to shock is still refuted by the fact that GLSEN was advising adults to make the choice as to what books were or were not appropriate. That makes your implication irrelevant.
Your attempt is ironic in the fact that when I posted about the Deerfield/Angels in America controversy last year, someone tried to do the same thing, i.e. post explicit passages that appeal to shock rather than the truth of the matter.

Is that the best you can do? If so, then you are pitiful.

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