After months and months of sparring in the Senate Democratic caucus, the President is stepping in, visiting the Capitol tomorrow.

President Barack Obama will meet with Senate Democrats during the party’s scheduled caucus meeting at the Capitol on Sunday.

The meeting will take place before lawmakers vote on a series of amendments to Democrats’ healthcare reform bill, which lawmakers will debate throughout this weekend.

CNN reported that Democratic leaders want him to weigh in on the public option, to break the deadlock over the issue. That’s probably more about Senate Dems wanting to offload responsibility for the decision, but clearly the President has a large voice in this debate, should he choose to use it. And he apparently will tomorrow.

Over the past several days, liberal and conservative members of Congress have huddled in multiple discussions aimed at reaching some conclusion to the public option debate. The concept of a public plan competing with private insurance companies still maintains well over majority support in public opinion polls.

Sen. Reid and the White House would clearly like to reach agreement on this and other controversial elements of the bill so they can meet the schedule of completing the health care bill by Christmas.

The Senate is debating the health care bill, with votes on amendments expected, today and tomorrow.

David Dayen

David Dayen