ClickNow_ReidHarry Reid has raised a small fortune for his reelection campaign, and it’s not working:

A new Mason Dixon poll (625 RVs, MoE +/- 4%) for the Las Vegas Review-Journal shows Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) trailing two potential GOP opponents.

General Election Matchups
Lowden 51 (+2 vs last poll, 10/6-8)
Reid 41 (+2)
Und 8 (-4)

Tarkanian 48 (unch)
Reid 42 (-1)
Und 10 (-1)

The showing should be of concern since this poll shows little movement after Reid hit the airwaves making the case for re-election. “It just shows that Reid has reached a point where people aren’t listening to him anymore,” Danny Tarkanian consultant Jamie Fisfis tells the Review-Journal.

I’ve been talking to a lot of people in Arkansas recently, and they all say that Blanche Lincoln traded her vote on health care for her chairmanship of the Ag Committee. So, what’s with her carrot-clutching theatrics on the Senate floor? Well, it only makes sense if she — like her Blue Dog friends in the House — were assured that there would never be a public option in the final bill. That’s why the Thursday Night Massacre took everyone by surprise. Reid decided to save his own ass with a piece of kabuki that violated that deal.

But now Reid has to deliver in order to move the legislation. But first, he and his handlers decided to give an extra bit of cheap hustle by running ads asking you if YOU have done enough for the public option, and list build off of it. Knowing that he never intended to do shit. You’re a chump, you see. You’re really fucking stupid. Ha ha! Cots in the Senate! Oh, my sides.

There’s one born every minute, and you’re it.

Right now, Harry Reid is doing what he always intended to do — take the public option out of the bill. You’re just the last to know.

Call Nevada Democrats and let them know they deserve better than this kind of flim-flam. You can find their phone numbers and a script here.

Jane Hamsher

Jane Hamsher

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