It's official on the Air America web site. Note, Blenders, that I just squeaked by after being in the top slot with Karl Frisch, so I'm not packing my bags — other bloggers' readers are registering their votes big time.

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Over the past three weeks, Air America readers nominated dozens of progressive bloggers to offer them the chance to go on a free cruise through the Mexican Riviera.

Round One was the primaries where Air America readers nominated the best of the blogosphere. Once nominated and the initial listing of rankings was presented, these bloggers did their best to garner enough votes to move into Round Two.

Perhaps the biggest surprise of all came from Heather Parton, aka Digby who went from #20 to #1 in just a day and a half. Meanwhile Moms from all 50 states tweeted in support of Joanne Bamberger (Pundit Mom) and Katie Gustafson promised to donate 25 cents for each vote she received to 826DC.(This is why we like progressives, even when you're doing something for them, they turn around and help others).

Now it is time for Round Two where the real competition begins. The field narrows to the top five nominees – Digby, Mike Lux, Karl Frisch, Joe Jervis and Pam Spaulding – who will face off over the next two weeks to accrue the most votes and become the final winner of the 2009 Air America Cruise Contest.

The cruise will be happening from March 6 – 13, 2010 and special guests on the boat will include Gov. Howard Dean, Rachel Maddow, Robert Kennedy Jr, Ron Reagan, as well as other leading progressives.

The general election for the favorite progressive blogger has officially started. Make sure to vote for the ONE blogger that you like best in the poll on the contest homepage.

1. Digby, Hullabaloo – Vote Now

2. Mike Lux, Open Left – Vote Now

3. Karl Frisch, Media Matters – Vote Now

4. Joe Jervis, Joe.My.God – Vote Now

5. Pam Spaulding, Pam's House Blend – Vote Now

Want to make sure your pick gets the most votes? Spread the word!

* Blogmistress SOS: vote for your favorite progressive blogger to go on Air America’s cruise (my case for being the one to sail)

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding