Ah, yes. Kate will be pleased to see her hometown in the news again

Jesus Christ was called for jury duty this week in Jefferson County, but was sent home for being disruptive.

Court officials were skeptical at first when on Monday a potential juror submitted a name change form with “Jesus Christ” on it. But the 59-year-old Birmingham woman, who previously went by Dorothy Lola Killingworth, assured the presiding judge that was her name.

“It raised eyebrows, so I asked her if that were truly her name,” Circuit Court Judge Scott Vowell said. “She assured me that it was. She had her name changed in the Probate Court, and she presented her driver’s license.”

WWJD if called to duty? Well, Jesus was selected for a criminal case, but Christ was a bit disruptive and Judge Clyde Jones dismissed her. Money quote from the reporter, Erin Stock, The Birmingham News:

Efforts to reach Christ were unsuccessful.

Hmmm…hasn’t “Jesus” made an appearance at other jury pools around the country? Some of the article comments are below the fold.Comments at the The Birmingham News::

Thank You Jesus” for not trying to get out of jury duty.

Perhaps she should have considered running for mayor.

She was lucky, look what they did to the real Christ for disruptive behavior.

”DOCTORBILL1 thank you sir! and you my brother are 100% correct look at what we did to him! nailed him to a cross. ”keep ”CHRIST IN Christmas,

Dear God: Please protect me from crazy people that are named for your Son. Amen.

Yeah…she should’ve named herself the Virgin Mary.

I would think anyone convicted of a crime by Jesus Christ would have immediate grounds for appeal. It was the right choice to tell Jesus to go on home.

Gives a whole new meaning to the question, “What would Jesus do?”

What’s so sad is if someone walked into any church in this state on sunday morning and said they were Jesus, they would be shown the door. Not a single christian would believe them without some kind of proof.

This is true, I had jury duty this week, they first called her name out with the pronunciation Heysoos Krist, I guess thinking no one would really have the name Jesus Christ, she refused to answer until she was addressed as Jesus Christ.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding