In an exclusive video obtained by FDL News, Sen. Jim Bunning tells Mike Stark of Stark Reports that he will indeed place a hold on the nomination of Ben Bernanke to a second term for the Federal Reserve, as expected after his blasting of Bernanke earlier today. Here’s the transcript:

MIKE STARK: Will you be placing a hold on the…

BUNNING: I think that’s pretty obvious.

STARK: ….that you will be

BUNNING: ….that I will be.

STARK: Do you know if any other Senators aside from Bernie Sanders will be joining you?

BUNNING: It’s been discussed. There will be more than one hold than mine.

STARK: I know you make two….right….Any others form the Republican side?

BUNNING: There are others that are going to hold.

Speculation has centered on Jim DeMint, Bob Corker or David Vitter as candidates for the hold.

David Waldman, an expert on Senate procedure, discusses today the choice now facing Banking Committee chair Chris Dodd:

I don’t know what the Senate Banking Committee’s rules are on this, but it certainly doesn’t appear to have stopped them from going forward with the hearing, at least. It remains to be seen whether it can prevent a vote, though I’d doubt it. Even Senate committee rules that actually do appear to prohibit holding votes in some cases rarely actually do prevent it, when a chairman is determined to move forward. And it remains to be seen just how much resistance there really is among committee Republicans to Bernanke’s reappointment.

But it certainly is ironic how much more respect Republican holds sometimes get from the Democratic leadership. Just ask Tom Coburn (R-OK). True, they did eventually try to roll over him with the TomnibusTM, but even that ran into difficulties, and it took months and months to get around to doing, too.

Anyway, just thought it was worth noting. And sharing that link once again to explain why “holds” don’t really have to mean all that much, when the leadership is determined not to let them.

There are tools at the disposal of Chris Dodd to make this nomination happen, if he chooses. But he would have to remember his experience trying to hold the FISA bill, and being ignored, in 2007. At any rate, this brings new attention to the Federal Reserve, and their use of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to enrich Wall Street.

Sen. Dodd’s office has still not responded to queries about this.

David Dayen

David Dayen