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Word on the Hill is that Harry Reid is trying to cut a deal for triggers. We need to immediately raise money to make a big move against Harry Reid in his home state of Nevada.

It’s all on Harry Reid if the public option is killed. He has the power to make sure it passes using reconciliation for majority rule. If he takes out the public option, it’s because he’s too weak to stand up to the insurance companies.

More than 33,000 of you signed our petition urging Reid to use reconciliation to pas the public option, raising over $15,000 to keep the fight going.

We want to ramp up the pressure on Reid, but we need at least $40,000 to do it. Donate now to help us make a big move against Harry Reid.

We’re almost halfway there, and time is running out. Help us tell Harry Reid that if he can’t get corrupt Democrats in line, he needs to pass a public option with a simple, majority vote. Please contribute now to make this message heard in Nevada.

Michael Whitney

Michael Whitney

My name is Michael Whitney. I'm a progressive online organizer working with FDL Action. Rush Limbaugh called me "clueless" once. He went into rehab two days later.