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Rick Warren continues to lose integrity over proposed Ugandan anti-gay bill

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Rick Warren continues to compound the error of his ignorance.

According to ThinkProgress:

In recent days, Pastor Rick Warren has come under fire for refusing to condemn an Anti-Homosexuality Bill in Uganda that would make some homosexual acts punishable by death. “[I]t is not my personal calling as a pastor in America to comment or interfere in the political process of other nations,” said Warren. On his Twitter feed, Warren is now trying to change the subject, claiming that “no one” cared when 146,000 Christians died last year (so why should he now care about gay men and women in Africa?):


Whether or not Warren is padding numbers here is irrelevant. Regardlesss of whether it is 146 people or 146, 000 people, no should be persecuted because of their faith and by that same point, no one should be persecuted because of their orientation. A true man of God would find that commonality.

And worse, Warren's comments make me wonder whether or not he cares about those poor Christians or does he view them as debate points to keep attention away from the dereliction of his pastoral duties.

Why was it so difficult for him to just condemn the bill? Historically, there have been pastors who did not have the influence or the money that Warren has and they still took stances against unjust laws. There have been pastors who knew that death awaited them if they spoke out, but they still took stance against unjust laws.

So what's the deal with Warren?Was he threatened in a highly violent manner or does he just not care?

Playing the awful game of comparison the way he did is something I would expect from a politician, and not a pastor.

But Warren is indicative now of so many so-called pastors and Christians who choose to jump in the public eye.  As the spotlight shines on them, we all get blinded by their hypocrisy.

Very few people want to bring this up but there is a serious problem with the mindsets of some Christians in this country.

They go beyond merely defending their values. They are attempting to create a reality where their beliefs are the ones on top of some type of ecclesiastical food chain.

They claim to be under persecution but their definition of being persecuted lies in their inability to deal with the fact that this is a multicultural society, not a Christian one.

We are seeing that now with incidents such as the so-called Manhattan Declaration and with how the Catholic Church is using the services it provides to the poor to threaten the Washington, D.C. city council.

The irony is that Warren is also a member of this same group who are always complaining about the erosion of Christian values in America.

If this is true, all of them, especially Warren, should take a good look in the mirror before pointing fingers.

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Alvin McEwen

Alvin McEwen