For quite awhile, I’ve been raging about Obama’s signature style of deceit, which is to tailor his speech to what his audience wants to hear while carefully choosing his words to preserve his option to zig instead of zag and plausibly deny at some future time that he told his audience he would zag. Y’all know what I’m talking about, right?

He provided us with a classic example of this tactic during his Tuesday night speech at West Point about the war in Afghanistan when he told us that the his decision to add 30,000 troops was not an open ended commitment to endless war and promised to start withdrawing our troops in 18 months. That sounded like a promise to get out of Afghanistan in 18 months and that’s what the majority of MSM headlines reported the next morning.

However, Secretary of Defense Gates conceded the next day during the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing that a troop reduction 18 months from now would be contingent on a review of the Afghan Army and a determination that our military could rely on it to keep the insurgents at bay without our assistance. That is impossible, given how incompetent and ineffective the Afghan Army is today, despite an eight year effort to train and equip them. This extremely important contingency that Obama failed to mention during his speech will no doubt swallow and disappear the 18 month deadline that was the major selling point of his decision to escalate the war. Thus, will yet another Obama zag turn out to be a zig.

In a matter that so directly impacts the men and women in our armed forces whom he has decided to place in harms way risking their lives and well being carrying out his orders to engage and defeat Afghan insurgents for some as yet undefined purpose, what kind of a man would so deliberately parse his words to conceal his true intent about the mission and how long it will take to accomplish it? I cannot imagine that he values honesty or their lives, commitment, and sacrifice. Is he even capable of empathy?

Today, with unemployment approaching 20% and still increasing, with unemployment compensation and COBRA benefits expiring, with no sign of an economic recovery for Main Street in sight, with a torrential flood of foreclosures and personal as well as business bankruptcies tearing apart people’s lives and overwhelming the courts, Obama hosted a conference on creating jobs. Is anyone the least bit surprised that Obama refused to follow the unanimous advice of many respected economists, including two Nobel Prize winners, who warned him that deficit reduction measures are not only unnecessary but will precipitate a deeper economic downturn if implemented as FDR did in 1936-7, unless they are delayed until after another massive government stimulus revives the Main Street economy and puts people back to work? I certainly wasn’t surprised because he has so clearly and definitively aligned himself with the 1% of our population that is so miserably unhappy only owning 90% of our nation’s wealth that it will not rest until it owns all of it.

Obama and Summers are neocons who dream of creating an empire that controls all the natural resources in the world and they are applying the Shock Doctrine to destroy the middle class, all labor unions, and the safety net in order to create an impoverished class of interchangeable and disposable serfs willing to work for peanuts without any benefits. Their goal is a free market unhindered by government regulation and a small federal government limited to running the pay to play game, awarding contracts to the MIC, and compensating the MIC with tax money extorted from the poor.

I wish it were not true, but overwhelming evidence convinces me that it is. We must now decide on a course of action to stop Obama or resign ourselves and our children to an uncertain future in which our lives will be nasty, brutish, and short.

Frederick Leatherman

Frederick Leatherman

I am a former law professor and felony criminal defense lawyer who practiced in state and federal courts for 30 years specializing in death penalty cases, forensics, and drug cases.

I taught criminal law, criminal procedure, law and forensics, and trial advocacy for three years after retiring from my law practice.

I also co-founded Innocence Project Northwest (IPNW) at the University of Washington School of Law in Seattle and recruited 40 lawyers who agreed to work pro bono, assisted by law students, representing 17 innocent men and women wrongfully convicted of sexually abusing their children in the notorious Wenatchee Sex Ring witch-hunt prosecutions during the mid 90s. All 17 were freed from imprisonment.