We just squandered almost $600,000 — please give more

Larry Stickney just suffered a stinging defeat.  By failing to prevent the approval of Referendum 71, he proved not only that the majority of Washington voters support full domestic partnerships (including voters in his own Snohomish County), but even that God endorses marriage equality.  Stickney & Co. spent almost $600,000 pursuing this failure, according to state records.  That’s an accomplishment akin to running 99 yards in the wrong direction and scoring a touchdown for the other team.  Despite this, Stickney claims victory.

“We have proven our effectiveness on the political battlefield.”  ?!?  Oh I get it, as corpse robbers, you mean?  You see, Stickney is already fishing around in other people’s pockets with this December 1 email.

Our heavy work load during the R-71 campaign forced us to neglect our fund raising efforts for the Washington Values Alliance. The reality of our situation is that will be unable to continue with our efforts in the upcoming year without a budget for the 2010 legislative session, which starts in January. …

Asking for money in these tough economic times is difficult for us as we know the fiscal realities many of you face. Our track record shows that the Washington Values Alliance spends every penny wisely and delivers on its promises to fight for a better Washington.  Will you please donate generously today?

Please wait no longer and make your contribution today to keep our efforts going. We have dedicated ourselves to the conservative cause and we need you to partner with us now.

Read the whole thing after the fold.  Stickney sounds pretty desperate.  Maybe he’ll have to get a day job.

I haven’t seen the IRS filings for Washington Values Alliance, but we already know from the Referendum 71 campaign that Stickney isn’t shy about seeing to his salary.  Final campaign finance numbers won’t be filed until December 10, but last I checked Stickney had allocated about 45% of his R-71 PAC expenditures to his own salary.  A question I asked back in March seems just as valid today: Would you give Larry Stickney your money?

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