GayMarriageThere was good news and bad news today in the struggle for gay marriage rights. First, the good news:

After months of debate, The Washington D.C. Council voted 11-2 Tuesday to legalize same-sex marriage.  A second vote, scheduled in two weeks, is necessary for the measure to become law. The bill’s sponsors said final passage is almost certain, although the bill could be tweaked. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty (D) has said he will sign it.

And next, the bad news:

New York lawmakers rejected a bill Wednesday that would have made their state the sixth to allow gay marriage. The measure needed 32 votes to pass and failed by a wider-than-expected margin, falling eight votes short in a 24-38 decision by the state Senate. The Assembly had earlier approved the bill, and Gov. David Paterson, perhaps the bill’s strongest advocate, had pledged to sign it. After the vote, Paterson called Wednesday one of his saddest days in 20 years of public service and he criticized senators who he said support gay marriage but "didn’t have the intestinal fortitude to vote for it.

Unfortunately, with DC’s population at just under 600,000 and New York State’s at about 19.5 million, the bad news is a lot bigger than the good news. 

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Jim Moss

Jim Moss

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