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A very interesting response to Proposition 8 is underway in California. The Sacramento Bee tells us this morning that an initiative to ban divorce in California has progressed to the stage of gathering signatures. Here is John Marcotte, who is behind the effort:

"We’re going to enforce morality in California and then we’ll spread from state to state, the same way the Prop. 8 backers moved to Maine," Marcotte said.

"If you want to protect traditional marriage, don’t stop gay people from getting married," he said. "Stop straight people from getting divorced."

Interestingly, the effort has produced strange bedfellows:

Since word of his effort began circulating in recent weeks, Marcotte said the volume of supporters has soared. Many come from the gay and lesbian communities. And some come from the ultra-conservative religious right that opposes divorce.

Here is Marcotte’s response to charges that he is not serious:

"It does hurt my feelings when people doubt my sincerity," he said. "If you’re saying what I’m doing is ridiculous, then you’re also saying Proposition 8 is ridiculous.

"I have more faith in the California voters. To not vote (for the divorce ban) would be a little hypocritical."

There’s really nothing I can add to Marcotte’s words.

Jim White

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