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Danielle is 3 for 3: I’ve Vomited in Every Country We’ve Visited

First it was the malaria medication. We’d heard that mefloquine can have some nasty side effects, but because I think I’m tough, I wasn’t worried. But, a week before we left for our trip—and when I began the malaria medication—I wasn’t feeling very well. Bernie and I both chalked it up to lack of sleep and nerves about preparing for the trip. But by the time we arrived in Ethiopia, I was feeling worse. During our trip to Aksum, I was so nauseous that I had to lay down in the van we were using to get around during one of our farm trips. On our plane ride back to Addis, it finally happened. I vomited (in one of those handy air flight sickness bags) on the plane. All of the Ethiopians on our trip were sympathetic, thankfully, but mostly because they thought I was pregnant (I’m not, just so you know Mom, Stuart, and Barbara!).

And that wasn’t the last time in Ethiopia. I threw up in a cab (thankfully I’d saved a couple of those handy white bags) on the way to the airport to catch our flight to Nairobi and then again surrounded in the airport bathroom.

By then we’d figured out it was the malaria medication and when we arrived in Kenya we went to the chemist (pharmacy) and got a new prescription, which has (fingers crossed) not given me any side effects. Unfortunately, the side effects from the mefloquine lingered and I spent a few miserable nights in the hotel vomiting — again.

And until yesterday, I thought I’d make it through our whole trip to Tanzania without throwing up at all. But then we got on the ferry from Zanzibar back to Dar es Salaam. Although the ocean looked pretty calm to me, our boat rocked violently for most of the two and a half hour trip. I was fine until the last twenty minutes when I watched several men walk to the bathroom we were sitting next to and heard them throw up. That did it! Yet again I was saved by the air flight sickness bags I had stolen on that first flight in Ethiopia.

So, I’m rooting for you, Uganda! Please be the first country in Africa where I don’t vomit!

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